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The Emo Guidebook by HikariM The Emo Guidebook by HikariM
Ravenbloodtears is back, in this easy how-to guide to emo like the best of them. Each page contains many insightful notes to aspiring emos, as well as a helpful emo tip.


I was bored in math class, was hit with the first idea, wrote it on lined paper 'cause I was out of blank, found it amusing, and decided to fill up the page.

P.S This is in no way meant to support or condone the idea of cutting oneself in any purposeful manner.
hehehee..great comics XD
bu..bu..i love cheerios..=0
haha, thank you, glad you enjoyed. I like fruit loops meself (wonder what that says about me....).
DairyKing Jun 23, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
There's nothing wrong with lined paper comics!
Just look at Bored Theater! 4 stories in, I've yet to use blank paper for any of the pages!
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